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LawRight focuses its services on people experiencing significant disadvantage – the homeless, people with mental illness, people self-representing in courts and tribunals and the community organisations that support them – making a difference to the lives of vulnerable Queenslanders. Our members, funders and other supporters make this happen.

The need for assistance is continually growing with the number of applications we receive increasing each year. The below graphs highlight the number of new clients received and the related funding over the last 15 years.


Government has been a source of one-off grants from time to time to establish new services, but otherwise the only contribution for operational expenditure from consolidated revenue is an annual grant for the Homeless Persons' Legal Clinic of about $85,000 and for the Self Representation Service in the Federal Court of $175,000 annually.

Membership fees paid by Queensland law firms make up the next biggest contribution.

Charitable funders follow as the third largest source of funding. These funds are mostly provided to operate specific projects for a limited term of up to three years.

Universities support LawRight by contributing to the supervision of student clinics.

Small gifts and donations from various donors also make a substantial and important contribution.

Together, membership fees, university grants, small donations and self-fundraising such as the annual Queensland Legal Walk, give us the discretionary funds we need to research and develop new services that target Queensland's most vulnerable citizens.

We are grateful for all the support we receive and thank all donors and members for their generosity. For more information on how you can help LawRight please visit our donations and bequests page.

A list of all major grants and donations to LawRight can be seen here.


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