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LawRight (formerly QPILCH) is an independent, not-for-profit, community-based legal organisation coordinating the provision of pro bono legal services for individuals and community groups in Queensland.

The LawRight Patron is The Honourable Catherine Holmes, Chief Justice of Queensland.

LawRight is a partnership of law firms, barristers, the Community Legal Centres Queensland, the Queensland Law Society, the Queensland Bar Association, Legal Aid Queensland, university law schools, accountancy firms and government and corporate legal units.

LawRight is committed to working in a flexible and innovative way to improve access to justice for people who cannot afford to pay a private lawyer and are ineligible for legal aid, and for community groups with public interest objectives.

LawRight operates a civil law referral service and direct legal services for particular disadvantaged client groups, and undertakes law reform, policy work and legal education.

LawRight is managed by a committee comprised of representatives of its members. The committee is elected annually.

LawRight works with its counterparts in other states and is a member of Pro Bono Access Australia.


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