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Queensland Mental Health Week 6-14 October

Queensland Mental Health Week is from 6-14 October 2018. You can get involved in a meaningful way to help spread the message of celebrating and valuing mental health.

This year's theme is #ValueMentalHealth and you can read more at

At LawRight, the Mental Health Law Practice assists people with matters under the Mental Health Act, as well as giving general civil law support to people who are experiencing mental health issues.

Common civil law issues include helping with Centrelink, debts, fines, guardianship and consumer issues.

Our advocacy service organises advocates to appear with clients at Treatment Authority hearings in the Mental Health Review Tribunal. We train senior law students to act as lay advocates to appear with clients and help them have a voice to the Tribunal.

By empowering people we help them engage with their treatment team and support their recovery.

We also represent clients with matters such as Forensic Orders and Applications for Electroconvulsive Therapy.

We had a great outcome recently with a client, "Joe". With our help over 18 months, Joe engaged with his treating team to work through drug use and mental health issues sufficiently that he was allowed to travel overseas to see his children. You can read more about Joe's story here.

For more information about LawRight's services in this area, visit our website here.


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