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Drowning in debt

Poverty and disadvantage can leave you in a state of despair, unable to pay basic living expenses. Financial pressures in turn make you vulnerable to financial or credit providers that target the disadvantaged, imposing high credit costs and generating insurmountable debt. Janet was having a tough time – recovering from a significant injury meant she was unable to work. Unable to work, she couldn’t afford food for her kids. Drowning in debt, her mental health was deteriorating. Her community worker had connected clients to LawRight often through a phone-based legal service, which enables the client to phone from home, have the worker with them during the appointment and access relevant documents easily. The worker knows her clients would not otherwise connect to lawyers.

They called LawRight together and over time, Janet’s volunteer lawyer resolved over $20,000 worth of debt, allowing Janet to focus on her and her family’s wellbeing.

With her debts resolved, Janet has experienced a remarkable change in her mental health and is no longer on anti-depressants.

She feels strong and supported. The future looks a little brighter!

“It is an amazing feeling being able to prioritise feeding my kids over paying off all these debts. My volunteer lawyer took an immense weight off my shoulders and I may not have still been here if not for her.”


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