Community & Health Justice Partnerships

Homelessness Law

Homelessness Law is Queensland’s free specialist legal and financial counselling service for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Homelessness Law’s integrated, holistic supports prevent and end homelessness by resolving legal issues connected to a person’s housing, money, and experiencing of violence. We scale the impact of our frontline, client centered work by advocating for better laws and policies.

Homelessness Law provides targeted, intensive legal representation & financial counselling to people experiencing or ask risk of homelessness, with a focus on our key priority cohorts including women and their families with an experiencing of violence, children and young people, and people in or exiting prison.

Established in 2002, Homelessness Law implements an outreach-based, trauma informed model, with staff lawyers fully embedded in frontline homelessness and health agencies in both Brisbane and Cairns. In 2020, we also added a staff senior financial counsellor, allowing us to further address clients’ legal and non-legal needs.

In 2021-2022, Homelessness Law:

  • partnered with 13 community and health services where embedded staff lawyers work collaboratively with frontline workers to prevent and end homelessness;
  • increased access to justice for 483 Queenslanders experiencing or at risk of homelessness through 840 legal services, including 279 high-intensity, ongoing legal representations;
  • facilitated over 8,000 hours of pro bono work to further scale our impact and ability to provide client centered, trauma-informed legal assistance; and;
  • empowered frontline community workers to identify and address legal issues impacting their clients through 12 tailored training sessions

Who do we work with?

LawRight has partnerships at 9 locations, where staff and our senior financial counsellor collaborate with health and community workers to resolve the complex, intersecting problems of clients experiencing homelessness.

LawRight has staff lawyers and financial counsellors embedded at the following frontline community and homelessness agencies, ensuring Queenslanders facing homelessness can get holistic, integrated assistance. If you are connected to one of these services, speak with your support worker about arranging an appointment.

  • Brisbane Youth Service
  • 3rd Space
  • Micah Projects
  • Communify
  • Mission Australia
  • Mater Young Adults Health 
  • Anglicare Womens' Hostel
  • Anglicare NQ
  • Queensland Correctional Services