Bankruptcy can occur when a person is completely unable to pay their debts. A person may voluntarily declare bankruptcy or be forced to do so by a court.

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External resources

  • MoneySmart – The MoneySmart web page provides information about the bankruptcy process.

Where to go for help

  • LawRight’s Court & Tribunal Services – The LawRight Court & Tribunal Services can offer legal advice and assistance to people involved in proceedings in the Federal Circuit Court or Federal Court. We may also help with drafting documents and correspondence relating to your legal matter, but they do not provide representation. In limited circumstances, LawRight’s Referral Service may be able to refer you for pro bono legal assistance.
  • You may wish to approach a community legal centre for assistance. To find your nearest community legal centre, please visit the Community Legal Centres Queensland website at . There are a number of community legal centres throughout Queensland that hold regular advice sessions.


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