Statement of Views


A Statement of Views/Choices is a document that tells health care professionals what treatment a person would like, but unlike an Advance Health Directive, it can be made by or for someone who does not have legal capacity and it is not legally binding.

Who can complete a Statement of Views/Choices

A Statement of Views/Choices is different from an Enduring Power of Attorney and an Advance Health Directive because it can be completed by someone else. For example, a family member might complete a Statement of Views for a person who has an intellectual impairment or who is suffering from a medical condition that means they cannot give directions about their own future health care.

You can also fill out a Statement of Views for yourself, but because it is not legally binding, doctors and your next of kin will always take more notice of an Advance Health Directive.

Purpose of a Statement of Views/Choices

The major purposes of completing a Statement of Views/Choices on behalf of a person without capacity are:

  • To inform health care professionals of relevant medical information or diagnoses about the person, in case there is no time to consult with you prior to making treatment decisions
  • To inform health care professionals of what you believe the person’s treatment wishes would be, in case there is no time to consult with you prior to making treatment decisions
  • To ensure health care professionals are aware of your role as a point of contact for decision-making
  • To ensure health care professionals know who are the person’s usual medical treatment providers and how to contact them
  • To document the person’s social, behavioural, cultural or religious attributes and preferences so that these can be taken into account when appropriate

How can I make a Statement of Views/Choices

Below are links to two template Statement of Views/Choices, one drafted by LawRight and one by Queensland Health. Both templates include suggestions as to information you could include in each section. The document can be completed online and saved or printed for review by the person’s treating doctor(s).

You do not need to complete every section of the document – only those that are relevant to the person’s situation.

It may be helpful to include photographs of the person, especially ones that show them with their close friends and family or engaged in their favourite activities – this gives health care providers a more complete picture of the person.

As part of the form must be completed by a doctor, and as the form refers to a number of medical terms, it is a good idea to consider completing the entire form with your treating doctor.

The Queensland health template is accessible here:

The LawRight Statement of Views/Choices interactive template can be found by clicking the box below.

Statement of Views/Choices interactive form